Making the Modern Nation-State Unit 2012-2013 - Lesson 5 6 - Germany

Making the Modern Nation-State Unit 2012-2013 Lesson 5 6 Germany

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Unformatted text preview: Minister •  Bismarck’s appointment not only strengthened the power of the King but also the hopes of all of those who wanted a united Germany. King of Prussia:  William I Prime Minister of Prussia: Otto Von Bismarck Otto Von Bismarck t  Responsible for the political •he most important figure in German history between Luther strategy that led to German unification. people or democracy •  Master of Realpolitik •  Political decisions are based on self-interest and desire for power. •  Ideology, morals, and principles are not taken into account. •  Responsible for the political strategy that led to German unification. Example of Bismarck’s Realpolitik “I have often acted hastily and without reflection, but when I have had time to think I have always asked: What is useful, effective, right for the fatherland. I have never been a doctrinaire. Liberal, reactionary, conservative-these, I confess, seem to me luxuries. Give me a strong German state, and then ask me whether it should have more or less liberal furnishings, and you’ll find that I answer: Yes, I have no fixed opinions, make no proposals. Many roads led to Rome. Sometimes one may rule liberally, and sometimes dictatorially, there are no eternal rules. My only aim has been the creation and consolidation of Germany.” •  How is this an example of realpolitik? •  What does this suggest about Bismarck’s view of the role of nationalism in unification?  Bismarck’s Plan for Unification… •  Bismarck wanted to unify the 39 Germanspeaking states into a single nation. •  Consider the following quote: –  “The position of…Germany will not be determined by its liberalism but by its power…Not through speeches and majority decisions will the great questions of the day be decided--that was the great mistake of 1848--but by iron and blood.”  •  What does Bismarck mean by blood and iron? •  Why does Bismarck want German unificatio...
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