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Chapter 7 - 4 What procedures can be used to prevent...

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Chapter 7 1. Expense reimbursement schemes are easier to detect than other types of fraud. False 2.Which of the following schemes is not characterized as an expense reimbursement scheme? All of the above are expense reimbursement schemes (Mischaracterized expense reimbursements // overstated expense reimbursements // fictitious expense reimbursements // multiple reimbursements) 3. Claiming personal travel as a business expense is what type of expense reimbursement scheme? Mischaracterized expense reimbursements
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What procedures can be used to prevent mischaracterized expense reimbursement schemes? (I didn't get the answers) Read page 196 on preventing mischaracterized expense reimbursements and also page 204 on the audit tests. 5. Overstated expense reimbursements do not include protocopied receipts. False 6. When reimbursing for airline and rail travel, organizations should require the original copy of the travel itinerary from the agency. False...
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