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English Final draft 1 - Don Grossman English 200 Paper#1...

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Unformatted text preview: Don Grossman English 200 Paper #1 Draft February 15, 2008 Review of “Leonid Skies” Frederick, Carl. “Leonid Skies.” Asimov’s Science Fiction . October/November 2007: 114-127. For years, as little children, we loved embarking on adventures that took us into the wilderness. Camping became a way of bonding with family members, specifically our fathers, many of whom instinctively enjoy being outdoors taking in the fruits of nature with their young ones. If the outdoors was, and in some respects still is, a way of life for you and your family, reading an extremely remarkable science fiction story about the outdoors may be right up your alley. In a recent issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction, a short story by Carl Frederick entitled “Leonid Skies” takes the reader on a futuristic adventure that includes emotion, excitement and surprise. Mark Frey, a former engineer who had taken moon trips to construct Earth-like environments in large domes, decides to go on a camping trip with his son Kevin and his friend Adrian. Mark’s intentions were to allow the children to see the biggest and brightest Leonid shower (Meteor shower) in the last four hundred years. Instead of going on one of the natural camping trips that we all are accustomed to in today’s society, and seeing one of natures greatest 1 phenomena, the boys decide they want to experience the best alternative. They want to go to the best campground site of them all in their modern world; they want to go to Campground-X. Campground-X is a great setting for a modern science fiction book or story. Although everything in this great building seems to be all natural to the sense, it is far from that once completely divulged into the story. Natural sounds usually made by birds and trees are mere illusions to the ears and mind of the human being. Everything in this domed, “natural” structure are simulations made to look and sound like the real thing. For example the planetarium, which is constructed in the domed roof of the building, is there to simulate the starry nights that one usually sees camping in the natural outdoors with their family or with friends. While this is a great setting, it does have its down points. Everything in this park that appears to be natural is great setting, it does have its down points....
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English Final draft 1 - Don Grossman English 200 Paper#1...

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