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Motivation and Emotion Motivation- All the processes involved in starting, directing, and maintaining physical and psychological activities. Some Basic Types- Biological, psychological, social Drive-Reduction Theory: Physiologicly need creates a tension state (a drive) that motivates the orgasnism to satisfy the need. Sociobiological Approach Organisms are motivated to do things that will ensure survival of their genes (like
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Unformatted text preview: eat and have sex) Personality OCEAN O- Openness to Experience C- Conciousness E- Extraversion A- Agreebleness N- Neuroticism The Solution- Acknowledgement that interaction between individual and environment is key. Traits don’t have to be experessed all the time or in every situation. Can be motivated by many other factors: situation, motivation, learning, etc. Psychopathology(mental illness)...
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