HIV Prevention - Kyle King CHLH 100 Review Paper #3...

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Kyle King CHLH 100 Review Paper #3 11/28/07 HIV Prevention In the United States, the prevalence of HIV is an ongoing concern that continues to haunt thousands of people. Each year more and more people are identified as carrying the HIV virus while many other cases may still be unreported. The biggest reason that this virus continues to spread throughout our nation and the rest of the world is due to lack of education. Many people still do not understand the dangers of unprotected sex where HIV is most prevalently transferred. In this paper I will discuss some of the ways that the transfer of HIV can be transferred. The best way that we can hope to make an impact on the transfer of HIV is to properly educate the population about how the virus is passed. This is one of the biggest problems in the United States today because many people believe that abstinence only sex education is the only thing that should be taught to students. Furthermore, they believe that children do not need to start learning about sex education until their mid-teen years. Many teenagers in this society are choosing to have sexual intercourse at an early stage in their life.
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HIV Prevention - Kyle King CHLH 100 Review Paper #3...

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