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Kyle King CLCV 115 Essay 10.1 Anger is a powerful emotion that everyone must fight to overcome within their own life. In The Iliad , anger takes center stage as the main character, Achilleus, must deal with his own emotions before he can truly become a hero. The power of Achilleus’s anger makes him blind to the problems that it causes to others around him. As the story progresses, we see changes in his anger, and eventually he comes to terms with his emotions, which brings the story to a conclusion. This essay will examine the different causes for Achilleus’s anger and the effect it has on himself and others around him. Achilleus’s anger is first presented in a dispute with Agamemnon and his war prize. When Agamemnon is forced to give up his prize of Chryseis to end the plague on their city, he decides that he should have Briseis to replace his prize. Briseis was the prize given to Achilleus and it was shameful for him to be forced to give up the prize that he deserved from his heroics on the battlefield. Because of this outrageous demand from Agamemnon, Achilleus decides to remove himself from the war against the Trojans. This is the first time we see how easily Achilleus’s temper can be summoned and how strong it is. The goddesses Hera and Athene have to use their powers to influence him to keep him from attacking Agamemnon in front of all the other soldiers (Lattimore 64). Although Achilleus has a point to be angry about losing Briseis, his selfishness causes him to abandon his friends in their time of need simply because he is unhappy. This comes to be an important element in the story as many of the Greek deaths can be linked back to the fact that Achilleus refuses to fight. Homer uses stories of other characters and battle scenes without mentioning Achilleus,
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clcv115_essay10 - Kyle King CLCV 115 Essay 10.1 Anger is a...

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