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Bryan Baum Response to Christopher Hitchens Review 11:59 P.M. July 6, 2007, millions of people all over the world anticipated the long awaited release of the seventh book of Harry Potter. Christopher Hitchens was one of these millions waiting to get his book, but for a different reason. He wanted to better understand why so many people were so enthralled with this magical world. To comprehend the world’s fascination with this story we must consider its counterparts. Hitchens discusses George Orwell’s essay called “Boys’ Weeklies” which showed “an extraordinary level of addiction to the form of story that was set in English boarding schools”. Hitchens uses a quote from Orwell to emphasize that learning about “every detail of life at a ‘posh’ school…” captivates people because they will never experience it. The magical world is so intriguing because it is a place outside of our own. While it is possible to attend a boarding school no one will ever be able to visit Hogwarts
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