The mass number is the sum of the prot ons and

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Unformatted text preview: eutrons for a partic ular is otope of an element. What we find on the periodic table is the av erage masses of all isotopes of the element. Chapter 4 Homework Page 1 of 2 Chemis try 100 Clark College 7. Calculate the average molar mass for Chromium, Cr, from the isotopic data giv en. Isotope % Abundance Atomic Mass 50 Cr 4.345 49.946 52 Cr 51.940 83.789 53 Cr 9.501 52.940 54 Cr 2.365 53.939 Avg. Mass = weighted average of the isotopes = [0.04345( 49.946 amu)] + [0.83789(51.940 amu)] + [0.09501(52.940 amu)] + [0.02365(53.939 amu)] = 51.996 amu 8. Only t wo is otopes of boron (B) are naturally occurring, their relative abundanc es are given in the table below. If the average atomic mass of boron is 10.811, det ermine the atomic ma...
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