Carbon 14 14 6 c cobalt 57 57 27 co uranium 238 238

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Unformatted text preview: arbon-14: 14 6 C cobalt-57: 57 27 Co uranium-238: 238 92 U 4. Deuterium and tritium are t wo isot opes of hydrogen, and hav e one neutron and t wo neutrons, respectively. Write the full chemical sy mbol for deuterium and tritium. Deuterium: 2 H 1 Tritium: 3 H 1 5. Fill in the missing v alues in the table below. Atom Name Z A Prot ons Neutrons Electrons Si Silicon 14 28 14 14 14 Ba Barium 56 138 56 82 56 Ir Iridium 77 192 77 115 77 Xe Xenon 54 131 54 77 54 **I had errors in the silicon and iridium entries! The proc ess remains the same, the res ult is a very unstable nucleus. 6. What is the difference bet ween the mass number and the atomic mass giv en on the Periodic Table? The mass number is the sum of the prot ons and n...
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