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body essay - Men: Why we want the perfect body Every man,...

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Men: Why we want the perfect body Every man, has at one moment in their life, looked at their body in the mirror and thought it fat. It’s almost a natural part of any man’s growth, to look at oneself in the mirror and wonder if he will measure up to societies standards. Why is this? Why are some men, who are perfectly thin and good looking, questioning there body image? Does it have something to do with the change in the media’s portrayal of the “perfect” body? Many men see ad’s depicting shirtless, muscular models that advertise, subliminally or otherwise, that this is the shape everyone should have or desire. (Park 594-614) Before there were any Abercrombie and Fitch’s or American Eagle’s, men bought their clothes at department stores or tailors. There was no steady advertising for clothing lines or brands. Of course men still desired lean muscular bodies but their image of what an attractive body was, was a lot different than it is today. Working out was not yet a popular thing for men to do. It wasn’t that people thought it unpopular to work out, or unhealthy, there just was not a big market for gyms and workout equipment. So men had to rely on push-ups and sit-ups or daily physical labor to constitute their workouts. (Park 594-614) Then along came the fashion industry. It brought with it magazines that provided information on everything a person needed to know about physical appearance. From tips on fashion, to sex, and working out; everything a person could want to know about
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body essay - Men: Why we want the perfect body Every man,...

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