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redone essay - College Drinking Good or Bad College life is...

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College Drinking, Good or Bad? College life is significantly different from that of high school. When a person first comes to college, he or she are presented with so much freedom that one is hardly in control of one’s actions. They take their freedom and run with it. They party all night and sleep all day, and usually miss their classes. Drinking, of course, is a factor in any college student’s life. A student has to make a choice between drinking or not; most of the time the person chooses alcohol. Really there is nothing wrong with alcohol in and of itself. In moderation, alcohol can be a fun substance to use. It’s when college students, or anyone for that matter, starts partying every night, getting wasted all the time, and becoming dependant on alcohol to have a good time, that a problem arises.(Simons et al.) Many students join a fraternity or a sorority when they first come to college. They might feel alone when they first get to school and want to be part of a group, or maybe their brother was part of the frat and they feel it their duty to join also. Whatever the reason, they join their specific affiliation and take part of the duties and frivolities that ensue. At any frat party that you go to, there will always be alcohol. A recent study done shows that alcohol abuse is much more prevalent in students that join frats and sororities than in students who abstain from participation in such organizations (Substance Abuse Higher in Fraternities and Sororities). Such tempting social unions increase the problem of alcohol abuse and can lead to future dependency. Could it be that peer pressure or a desire to assimilate be the culprit (Simons et al.)? I interviewed Tristan Schaffer who is part of an anonymous fraternity on LSU’s campus. “I know that the reason I drink more is definitely to fit in. Mostly though I just like the feeling; it makes me feel like I can do anything and not have to worry about what
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redone essay - College Drinking Good or Bad College life is...

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