Misogyny Draft Paper

Misogyny Draft Paper - Misogyny to Survive Bryan Baum David...

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Misogyny to Survive Bryan Baum David Gilmore’s book Misogyny: The Male malady gives a detailed description of why misogyny has played a major role in different cultures around the world. The basis for any kind of deliberate cruelty or hatred, in this case for women, usually stems from jealousy. Gilmore gives a thorough discussion of man’s general fear of women and how they overcome that fear. Herdts’s Guardians Of The Flutes is as a case study of one specific tribe, the Sambia, which displays similar aspects of Gilmore’s theory behind Misogyny. Gilmore’s main theory behind the idea of Misogyny is that men truly believe that women are dangerous, which leads to both a fear and hatred of them. He discusses the fact that men are equipped with ways to neutralize women’s role in society. This is done primarily to reduce the risk that men believe women present to society. In our culture, this belief, while it may not be directly referred to, is clearly present. It is a truism in our world that, with respect to men, women hold very few positions of power. In our society, so called “equal opportunities” exist for both sexes, which in essence is true, yet it is clearly much more difficult for women to excel because of their gender. However, this growing equality is a very recent occurrence. Women had only won the right to vote in 1920, so we must consider that while women still do not have all the same opportunities that men do, that gender gap is closing. In the past this country was ruled solely by men, but it is evident that times are changing. Less than one hundred years ago women could not vote and yet now a woman [Hillary Clinton] may become our future president. Great
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Misogyny Draft Paper - Misogyny to Survive Bryan Baum David...

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