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Application examples rulings on motions admission

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Unformatted text preview: er the trial judge’s interpretation and Whether application of the law was correct? application (Examples: rulings on motions, admission rulings of evidence, jury instructions) of Post-Trial Post-Trial SEC v. Ginsburg Jurors decide questions of fact (whether questions Ginsburg violated insider trading rules) Ginsburg Jury verdict for SEC, followed by JNOV for Jury verdict followed Ginsburg (innocent explanation for calls Ginsburg preceding trades) preceding Trial judge erred in overturning verdict that was supported by evidence (call & trade supported patterns) patterns Alternative Dispute Resolution Resolution Advantages Over Litigation (1) Informal (2) Faster (3) Cheaper (4) More efficient Arbitration Arbitration Arbitrator (decision maker) Arbitration Hearing (both sides present Arbitration arguments) arguments) Arbitration Award (decision) Non-binding (court referral) Non-binding Binding (agreement of parties) Arbitration Agreements Arbitration Liberal Federal policy favoring Liberal favoring en...
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