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Social Ethics NORTHERN VIRGINIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE-ANNANDALE CAMPUS Syllabus: SOCIAL ETHICS (PHI226) 3 credits Spring 2008 (Regular Academic Session) 01/14/08-05/12/08 Time: F 09:00P –11:50P Room: CM 0222 Professor: Dr. R. Seyranyan e-mail: [email protected] Office: CT 107, Of. Hours: F 03:30P-04:00P Home Phone: (703) 609-0473 (cell). Course Description: This class will be a survey of contemporary social issues with a view towards ethical considerations. Course Purpose: The class will introduce students to the feature and nature of philosophical inquiry and debate on moral issues related to the different social fields. This is NOT intended to promote a specific viewpoint or agenda. Nor is this class the place to promote specific religious beliefs—although they may be considered as part of an individual’s ethical framework. Course Objectives By the end of the semester, each student should be able to: Identify and discuss different ethical theories (Utilitarian, Kantian, Feminist, etc.) Understand the issues involved in each topical area (such as abortion, death penalty, etc.) Articulate the reasoning for his or her specific views within specific ethical theories and concepts Tolerate diverse views and opinions in the search for greater understanding Course Policies: All students are expected to enter class on time and to sign in. Readings should be DONE IN ADVANCE OF CLASS, and class participation is important and will affect your grade positively or negatively. All work is due on time unless there has been prior arrangements due to extenuating circumstances. Please note: Points may be deducted for late work and for missing class or consistently coming to class late or leaving early. Unless there is mitigating circumstances, no work will be accepted nor will exams or quizzes be made up. In the case that there are mitigating circumstances, all work must be done by the next class or a grade of zero will be entered. More than one absence will jeopardize your grade as there will be films and other information, which will be presented which is not in your text. Any instance of Academic dishonesty, cheating, plagiarism will result in immediate grade of “F” in the
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course PHILOSOPHY PHI226 taught by Professor Seyranyan during the Spring '08 term at VCCS.

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