Acknowledge Your Unique Self

Acknowledge Your Unique Self - Acknowledge Your Unique Self...

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Acknowledge Your Unique Self You have now evaluated your work values, interests, skills, personal values, and lifestyle preferences. This knowledge can help you to make life and career decisions based on what you need and what you want. Knowing yourself is the essential first step in effective career and life planning. To summarize what you have found out about yourself in Section 1, it may be helpful to return to the questions asked at the beginning. Review your original responses throughout the section as you complete this summary. WHAT ARE MY WORK VALUES? In the following spaces write at least five of your most important work values. 1. Be appreciated and respected for my work 2. Have a supervisor and co-workers who I respect 3. Work as part of a team 4. Think and act quickly 5. Analyze and problem solve Other: Accept and build on existing talents; develop transferable skills to build credentials. How do your work values relate to a career or lifestyle you might choose? Write your answer in this space. My work values include a desire to work for an ethical company or organization in which both the employees and management are devoted to the cause championed by the company and the success of the company. There must be opportunities for career growth and both horizontal and vertical movement within the company I work for as well as within the field in which I specialize. The administrative hierarchy must embrace a close relationship between each level of the company and its respective management. In general I desire a job that corresponds to my values and beliefs. It must challenge me daily, yet be manageable and rewarding. It must provide job security but also job flexibility. Such a job would include government or private sector consulting
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Acknowledge Your Unique Self - Acknowledge Your Unique Self...

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