Virginia Career View Assessment Critique

Virginia Career View Assessment Critique - Part I Virginia...

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Unformatted text preview: Part I: Virginia Career View/Kuder Assessment Critique Which Assessment did you use: Kuder Career Search/Kuder Skills Assessment/ or Super’s Work Values? Kuder Career Search Give a summary of your findings. Was the assessment helpful or not? Why? This definitely reminded me of Meyers-Briggs! The questions were great and in deciding how to rank each of the three choices it helped me to discover what I would really want to do. For example one of the questions gave the option of taking dance classes, which I would absolutely have loved to do, but I thought about it and the other two options, though not as “fun” looked like they better utilized my skills and interests. It helped me to distinguish what I think would be a “fun” job and what would be a challenging and meaningful job like helping people take out loans or plan for retirement. I loved the bar graph at the end that ranked the different career fields. I was surprised at how accurate it was. Right now I’m doing an internship in marketing and there are certain aspects of it accurate it was....
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