Understanding Family Violence

Understanding Family Violence

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Unformatted text preview: to improve impulse control Explanations •  Social learning parenting styles •  Social & intergenerational transmission & class structure •  Note: not deterministic •  Aggression-frustration •  Anger displacement •  Social Exchange •  Rational actor model, calculated abuse –  Aligns with social gradients of abuse womens shelters enable women in b-h model more likely to be women in dependent relations victimized than dual income household to leave relationship Interpretative Frameworks frameworks ppl use when talk about violence •  Medical Model •  Focus on violence as illness, consequences •  Political Model takes social view on violence •  Domestic violence as tool of power and control of men over women •  Supported, facilitated, legitimized by law (e.g. marriage rape exemption), customs (e.g. gender role expectations), social structure (e.g. economic power of men) even tho the law no longer legitimizes rape it still facilitates violence against women treats individuals as rational actors that relate in calculated abuse; calc. abuse means sometimes is fairly clear that violence doesnt happen in rash of the moment; happens in very cold & calculating matter; rational actor weighs pros & cons (benefits & costs of action); benefits: release anger; costs: person they beat up may leave or go to police focuses on social gradients btwn classes & gender; tool of power & control mostly of men over women; continuation of the former document coverture; seen as a way for men to put women in their place; law, until recently, supported violence of men against women (marriage rape exemption) 3 family policy: spousal and child abuse are family policy economic fam policy is not the same as welfare for the poor tax code benefits certain famililes defense of marriage act & laws limiting marriage to 1 man & 1 women; common law marriage= rights and obligations to individuals not...
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