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Outline for study guide midterm - clay wall creating a...

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Michelle Harris 3/1/08 2 pm 1. Mesopotamian Map 2. Built on a forty-foot high base of rubble from earlier buildings and provided with a protective coat of whitewash over its sun-dried brick which was laid in panels between sloping buttresses 3. Entrance to the temple was through a chamber in the long side, so that a bent axis led from the outside into the court yard and sanctuary. Enhancing the effect of entering the sacred place 4. A piece of a wall is all that remains beside the steps leading up to the bent axis 5. A stone where sacrifices may have occurred is lined with remnants of former colonnades 6. Found in a temple dedicated to Inanna, these mosaics are made from terracotta cones dipped in black, red, white glaze. The tip of the cone was inserted into the
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Unformatted text preview: clay wall creating a zigzag like pattern. 7. Constructed from dried brick made with bitumen (black sticky, similar to asphalt), reed matting or rope. The exterior was finished with a weather-resistant kiln fired brick. 8. Built on a rectangular base the ziggurat rises with inward sloping walls in a series of stepped platforms, ending in a high temple at the top. One central flight of stairs connects the temple to the ground. 9. The Ziggurat at Ur was essentially designed to elevate the temple to the gods so that the gods may descend from the heavens and ensure prosperity. The temple’s elevation may also been to protect it from flood waters. 10. The second and third tiers have since been destroyed. This is all that remains....
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Outline for study guide midterm - clay wall creating a...

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