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Upward chengs show chengs show upward surface tension

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Unformatted text preview: e is dragged upward. upward. CHENG’S SHOW CHENG’S SHOW Upward surface tension force = Weight of the column in the tube σθ σ F = πd .σ . cosθ h d h 2 CHENG’S SHOW CHENG’S SHOW d W =π .h.ρg 4 σθ d CHENG’S SHOW CHENG’S SHOW F =W 2 d πd .σ . cosθ = π .h.ρg 4 σ 4σ cosθ h= ρgd For water and glass, θ = 0 h 4σ h= ρgd CHENG’S SHOW CHENG’S SHOW Capillary action is negligible for water and mercury for tube diameters of 1 cm or more diameters CHENG’S SHOW CHENG’S SHOW...
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