midterm - 1) Ian McEwan's Atonement is not a theological...

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1) Ian McEwan's Atonement is not a theological work, but it raises an important theological question. What is that question, and how do you think McEwan answers it? Be as specific as possible. The final important theological question is whether atonement is achievable; the novel, specifically, focuses on the possibility of atonement for those who are omnipotent, saying, “No atonement for God, or novelists, even if they are atheists.” In this focus, the author questions whether those whose imagination creates reality, therefore gaining omnipotence, can achieve atonement. As a more general application, the possibility of atonement is determined based on our own opinions; if one can determine one’s act as forgiveable, then that person is eligible for atonement. 2) Briefly explain Paul Ricoeur's argument that Jesus' command to "love one's enemies" transforms the "golden rule." In Matthew 5:43-48, Jesus commands us to love our enemies. In Paul Ricoeur’s assessment of this, he claims that this translates into the golden rule, which preaches that we should act unto others as we would like them to act unto us. Ricoeur argues that Jesus’ rule, coming from Deuteronomy, is an idealistic one and becomes so by his reduction of “unlimited vengeance” put in place to avoid misconception of the golden rule and the “eye for an eye” basis. 3) Using Matthew's Gospel, identify some of the "virtue," "rule/command," and "end-based"
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midterm - 1) Ian McEwan's Atonement is not a theological...

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