ARTH 110 Project 5 Frida Kahlo

ARTH 110 Project 5 Frida Kahlo - Judd Andrews ARTH 110...

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Judd Andrews ARTH 110 Peters Project #5 Due 12/21/07 Frida Kahlo Exhibit Critique “I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.” This quote from Frida Kahlo couldn’t have been expressed more deliberately than it was in her exhibit at the Walker Art Center. Walking in, one can hardly help but feel overwhelmed with the array of iconic and eerily striking self-portraits. All gathered together in this exhibit, Kahlo’s self-understanding is portrayed in her ability to create such a variety of self portraits that are all so unique, conveying entirely different messages from one another while primarily sharing one common genre as self-portraits. While a surplus of intriguing works of art was displayed, three specific pieces of remarkable power seemed to be representative of Kahlo’s remarkable variety in her self- expression. The first piece of particular notability, straight ahead on the back wall, adding a heightened sense of confrontation, was My Nurse and I , 1937. In this painting, Frida portrays herself with an adult head, yet minimized with the body of a baby, carelessly embraced in the arms of her Indian nurse. This aspect of the scene symbolizes Kahlo’s feelings of vulnerability. Additionally, this painting carries the meaning of her multiple roles in life, using the nurse to represent her strong, supportive, providing alter ego. Beyond the main messages of this portrait, several background icons further represent Kahlo and her beliefs. For example, the Teotihuacán mask worn by her nurse is to represent Kahlo’s honor of her native culture. In the background, a subconscious
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ARTH 110 Project 5 Frida Kahlo - Judd Andrews ARTH 110...

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