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ARTH XC Midieval evaluation

ARTH XC Midieval evaluation - knight in stories and movies...

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Judd Andrews ARTH 110-10 Peters Medieval vocation XC 12/12/07 Being characterized as the black knight, I believe I was perfectly evaluated and suited. Through the black knight’s conduct desiring competition, efficiency, and strategy, I see myself mirrored in my management roles at work. Additionally, the description of my manipulative characteristics also portrays my job as a salesman. Managing an automotive shop, these characteristics are what define my workplace persona. Finally, being impulsive is another large role of my life in my social time. I like to be spontaneous and often make decisions based on my feelings at the time rather than the long-term outcomes. Focusing more on my role as a black knight in the medieval times, it seems that my job would be glamorous. This title seems to have so much fame, in fact, that the majority of the search results that I came up with in search for more information were regarding the black
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Unformatted text preview: knight in stories and movies. From what I’ve gathered, the black knight is a mythically glorious character. When compared to the other Knights, it is said that “The Black Knight… hardly seems cut from the same cloth” (Lupack, 64). In the black knight’s historical fame, there is not just one person who can claim the fame due to his mysterious and multiplied character. Nevertheless, the black knight was a man greatly admired and one whose role I would be honored to claim. Works Cited Lupack, Alan. “An Enemy in Our Midst: The Black Knight and the American Dream”. Cinema Arthuriana. 1999. 64. Dec. 12 2007. <http://books.google.com/books? hl=en&lr=&id=s41NHZh05D4C&oi=fnd&pg=PA64&dq=MEDIEVAL+BLACK +KNIGHT&ots=2FFuar2b_5&sig=2us4Uz2pMdBkQ1XaPa5Wp8lWPs0#PPA64, M1>...
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ARTH XC Midieval evaluation - knight in stories and movies...

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