LT-4 - Lauren Torres Art History 110 Assignment #4 11/30/07...

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Lauren Torres Art History 110 Assignment #4 11/30/07 Maori Aotearoa (New Zealand) Polynesian region Tekoteko, 19 th century Wood, shell Over 3’ The Tekoteko from the Maori was one of several the objects in the Minneapolis Institute of Art that displayed the tattooed faces of their people. The tekoteko is a free- standing, wood carved object. It is full figured and carved out of a large piece of wood. The carving around the face and the body has left the marks similar to tattoos of the men. The head is un-proportional in that it is as long and wide as the body itself. This tekoteko doesn’t depict the human body as would the poutokomanawa figures made by the Maori. These carvings are relatively more humanlike with the proportion and movement of the body. The tekoteko reflects the tattoo of this culture with the moko. The moko facial tattoo has eight parts reflecting a person’s life story and accomplishments and covers the entire face. This practice of tattooing is different from puncturing the skin to put the dye in, moko tattoos leave the skin with a raised surface; with grooves similar to the grooves on the tekoteko carving. The moko shows much importance to their status and age. Getting a tattoo marks show a change from childhood to being an adult. Each one has a meaning and no tattoo is the same. It is not just their faces that is tattooed either, the face just has more guidelines to the meaning of each line tattooed on.
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The tekoteko are not exactly the same as the moko’s in that it doesn’t depict a single person. Unlike sculptures of some other cultures that will be made to look like a single
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LT-4 - Lauren Torres Art History 110 Assignment #4 11/30/07...

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