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LT- ARTH Frida Kahlo - Lauren Torres Frida Kahlo The Frida...

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Lauren Torres 12/21/07 Frida Kahlo The Frida Kahlo exhibit displays over two dozen works by a single woman of the 20 th century and is displayed in the Walker Art Museum. Upon entering the exhibit you are not greeting with large white walls with under-toned paintings. You walk in and can immediately see the vibrant use of colors in her work and it draws you into looking at a pieces. Most of her work is self portrait, however it does not get tiring and overdone like one would assume. These self portraits each tell a different part of her; a different story of her life, her emotions or health. The Frida Kahlo exhibit attracts lines of individuals where they may even be a wait to get into see her works. Her work is different and meaningful. Frida has found a way to paint what she feels and yet attract others into the work as well. While walking through the exhibit I had been searching for my first piece to look at more closely. I had walked all the way to the back wall until I was drawn into the My Nurse and I piece. This was something different, something meaningful and vibrant. Work #1 is Frida Kahlo’s My Nurse and I. This had been painted in 1937 and was noted to be one of her favorite pieces. It displays Frida as a child, nursing from a woman with a mask. This Frida shows her as a self portrait again and has her adult head placed upon the child’s body. Frida had painted this painting using two different cultures for her and her nurse. The nurse wears an Aztec mask that shows Frida’s pride of her indigenous roots; Frida wears a European outfit. There is such a lack of emotions in Frida and the nurse, the two are disconnected from each other and seems to not have that bond that a nurse would with a child. This reflects Frida’s separation from her two cultures she was
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born of. There is a lack of recognition of the nurse, being indigenous, and her. The background shows lush vegetation and the sky is dark and raining milk, like that from the nurse’s breast. It is interesting to note the detail Frida had spent on the anatomy of the nurse’s breast. Frida was able to paint what the inside of the breast looks like with the mammary glands and seemed interesting that in that time it was known to her, or of her
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LT- ARTH Frida Kahlo - Lauren Torres Frida Kahlo The Frida...

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