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Anthonysfire sicknessbelievedtobe

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Unformatted text preview: he Catholic, monastic hospital of St. Anthony in Isenheim (Southern Germany)>Catholic iconography Grünewald: Gr The Isenheim Altarpiece Hospital treated especially victims of ergotism (ergot> fungus that grows on rye)> similar to bubonic plague> red sores, extremities wasting away> also called “St. Anthony’s fire” Sickness believed to be God’s punishment> prayer (before altarpiece ) as part of cure Grünewald: Gr The Isenheim Altarpiece Iconography: Crucifixion in center>sacrificial lamb> Catholic iconography Side panels: St. Sebastian (left) and St. Anthony (right); both saints associated with miracle healings, plague Depiction of saints, their miracles>Catholic iconography Predella: Lamentation of Christ>his body covered with sores similar to those caused by “St. Anthony’s fire” Grünewald: Gr The Isenheim Altarpiece Matthias Grünewald (wings) and...
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