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Balancebetweenworldly concerns

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Unformatted text preview: . 1516, oil o/panel Dutch artist in contact with Humanist scholars in Italy Combines Italianate influences with Dürer’s Germanic nudes seen in The Fall of Man (massive bodies, fleshy, not elegant) Gossaert (Mabuse): Gossaert (Mabuse): Dürer’s influence Contrapposto (weight shift)> Italian Renaissance convention Attributes of the classical Sea god: trident, conch shell Classical setting: fluted columns, bucrania (ox skull decoration) Massys: Massys: Calvinist Morals Quinten Massys, Money­ Changer and His Wife, 1514, oil o/panel Active at Antwerp (today in Belgium, 16th century part of the Netherlands) Wealth through trade, commerce Calvinism (Netherlands, parts of Switzerland): extreme form of Protestantism>monetary wealth could be an indication for a virtuous life, pleasing God Massys: Massys: Calvinist Morals Virtuous couple of money changers Husband: counting/weighing coins (not standardized in the 16th century) Wife: prayer book Round mirror: reflection of man reading Bible or prayer book Balance between worldly concerns (accumulation of worldly riches) and spiritua...
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