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Unformatted text preview: ectual (Melancholia) Complex iconography, meticulous linework, nuances of silvery tones, The Three “Master Engravings” The Three “Master Engravings” Allegorical representation: Knight in the center defiantly ignores Death (with hour glass; cadaverous) and the Devil (daemon, fantasy creature), dog (fidelity), lizard (sin) Multiple readings of the Knight are possible: Emperor Maximilian, “Christian Knight” from Medieval chivalric tradition (Crusades), Death and Devil not antagonists, but attributes of the Knight The Three “Master Engravings” The Three “Master Engravings” Altdorfer: Altdorfer: An Epic Battle Albrecht Altdorfer, The Battle of Issus, 1529, oil o/panel Defeat of Persian king Darius by Greek conqueror Alexander the Great at Issus in 333 B.C. Allegorical picture: Altdorfer commissioned by Wilhelm IV, Duke of Bavaria to paint battle scene Altdorfer: Altdorfer: An Epic Battle Event depicted derived from classical antiquity, but it refers to current political events Completed when Wilhelm IV about to leave on a military campaign to repel the Ottoman Turks about to inva...
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