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Unformatted text preview: art and decoration is de­emphasized; concentration of Bible as sole authority on spiritual matters>avoid distraction through visual representations in church Counter­Reformation (Council of Trent): overwhelm believer with powerful visual rhetoric and Splendor of church interiors>Baroque style The Age of Reformation The Age of Reformation Emanuel de Witte, Interior of a Calvinist Church, 1660, oil on canvas The Holy Roman Empire of German Nation (1648) The Reformation in Germany and The Reformation in Germany and the Netherlands Germany: Patch­work pattern of principalities that are either Lutheran or Catholic Subjects have to adopt the confession of the political leader in their principality Netherlands: Division between a Protestant North (today’s Holland) and a Catholic south (today’s Belgium) Christian humanism>Erasmus of Rotterdam: classical learning and literature adapted to Christian message Grünewald: Gr The Isenheim Altarpiece Matthias Grünewald, Isenheim Altarpiece (Closed view): Crucifixion, Chapel of the Hospital of St. Anthony, Isenheim, c. 1510­1515, oil o/panel Conceived for t...
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