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Depictionofsores causedbyergotism drersbackground

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Unformatted text preview: Nikolaus Hagenauer (carving), Isenheim Altarpiece (Open), Chapel of the Hospital of St. Anthony, Isenheim, c. 1510­ 1515/1490, oil o/panel Carved altarpieces with polychrome paint have long tradition in Germany Grünewald: Gr The Isenheim Altarpiece Left wing: Meeting of saints Anthony and Paul; serene life free of illness for God­fearing saints Right wing: Temptation of St. Anthony; horrid depiction of St. Anthony’s suffering> daemons, depiction of sores caused by ergotism Dürer’s Background Father: a goldsmith in Nuremberg Roots in Nuremberg’s prospering publishing industry: Publisher Koberger> Dürer’s godfather; Painter Wolgemut> Dürer’s teacher Good understanding of perspective, tradition of the classical nude Journeyman travel to Rhine valley, Cologne (1490) Paintings associated with the aesthetics of the Reformation> Dürer supported Martin Luther Became one of the greatest printmakers in history Dürer: Aesthetics of the Reformation in Germany Albrecht Dürer, Four Apostles, 1526, oi...
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