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Quiz 02-01 soln

Quiz 02-01 soln - Phyx135301,Quiz2 Name 1)...

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Phyx 135 3 01, Quiz 2 Name _______________________________________ 1) A two meter long vertical pole extends from the bottom of a swimming pool to a point 50 cm above the water. Sunlight is incident at an angle of = 55 degrees. What is the length of the shadow of the pole on the level bottom of the pool? (n = 4/3 for water.) Solution: The 55 degrees given in the problem is not the angle 1 that we need for Snell’s Law, because 1 must be measured from the normal to the surface. Hence 1 = 90 – 55 = 35 degrees. Then consider a ray that grazes the top of the pole, as shown in the diagram below.
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