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sigmund freud - Sergey Kuperman Dr Sarah Novak Psychology...

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Sergey Kuperman Dr. Sarah Novak Psychology 101 Sigmund Freud Son of Amalia Nathansohn and Jacob Freud, Sigmund Freud was born on May 6 th , 1856 in Austria Hungary . Born and raised in a Jewish family, he was the first of all seven children . His father was an average wool merchant who was twenty years older than his third wife Amalia . During the economic crisis that took place in 1857, Freud’s father lost his business and the family suffered from poverty for quite some time . Despite the troubles they faced, Freud’s family believed in his intellect and were willing to give anything in order to provide him a proper education . Poverty and anti-Semitism caused them to move from place to place before being able to settle in Vienna, Austria . There Sigmund Freud attended “Leopoldstadter”, a famous high school, where he proved to be an exceptional student graduating with honors in 1873 . Sigmund Freud attended the University of Vienna and attempted to study many things such as; law, physiology, eel life history, chemistry and physics . Frustrated by his lack of success he finally landed on what would bring him his fame, psychoanalysis . It took him seven years to obtain his doctorate degree by which time he was 24 . Although he was in love with a woman from a well known family, the offered salaries for a young scientist like himself could not support a family . Their marriage was postponed for four years until Freud made enough money and could finally marry his fiancée Martha
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Bernays in 1886 . His next three years were spent working as a physician in the Allgemeine Krakenhaus hospital and a medical center in Vienna where he worked as a psychiatrist . “Psychiatry at this time was rigid and descriptive . The psychological meaning of behavior was not itself considered important; behavior was only a set of symptoms to be studied in order to understand the structures of the brain . (1)” Freud’s later work changed this outlook psychiatry . Shortly after his marriage which brought him six children, one of whom, Anna became a phsycoanalyst herself, Freud was able to open up a private practice in neurology and the treatment of psychological disorders . This step in his career helped him discover many things on which he based some of his most important theories . After this Freud worked with an older colleague, Joseph Brewer, and used his technique of hypnosis in order trace back traumatic events that patients have experienced . Their work together was successful and they published Studies of Hysteria (1895) . The two eventually split apart and Freud continued working alone in developing the theory and practice of psychoanalysis .
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