BTA1_Egypt_1.2 - 9. With annotated diagrammatic sketches,...

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9. With annotated diagrammatic sketches, explain the construction of Zoser’s pyramid and compare it to the construction of the pyramid of Cheops. 10. What constructional problems did the builders of the pyramids face and how were they resolved as far as we are able to assume? The builders of the pyramids encountered several constructional problems when building the pyramids. The pyramid of pharaoh Sneferu collapsed shortly after it was
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constructed because it was believed that the steep 72 o angle at which it was built created an unstable base. This problem was resolved during the middle of the construction of Sneferu’s second pyramid, known as the bent pyramid. Halfway through its construction, the builders of this pyramid realized that the 55 o slope was too steep to support itself. So the builders decreased the angle of slope to just over 43 o to fix that problem. Another constructional problem the pyramid builders encountered was transporting the material. The workers had no pulleys or wheels to move the stone, but the blocks weighed up to 70 tons each. It is likely that they moved these stones by pushing and pulling them along on sleds over wood rollers. 11. Using diagrams and words, explain the differences between the pyramids of
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BTA1_Egypt_1.2 - 9. With annotated diagrammatic sketches,...

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