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approach to designing and building their architecture. The Minoan civilization was situated in the island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is quite mountainous and is full of numerous caves. There are no rivers and no deserts on the island. This diverse geographical situation greatly affected the Minoan world-view. Unlike the Egyptians with the Nile River and the sun, there was no fundamental axial order to the geography of Crete. Because of this, Minoan architecture rarely comprised of axiality or geometrical organization. The natural protection that comes when living on an island also influenced their designs when building palaces. The Minoans never sought the need to fortify them with some type of outer wall. 2. Discuss the spatial characteristics of Minoan towns in relation to Minoan palaces. Use diagrams to support your answer. Minoan palaces were designed disproportionally. Most palaces consisted of a very large courtyard surrounded by chaotically organized rooms. There was no abstract, geometrical clarity to the organization of their palaces. The many passages leading from the palace entries to the court and the multiple rooms in the palace lack any sort of logical spatial organization. It is supposed that the Minoan towns derive their order from the palaces to which they were adjacent. So, the spatial order of the towns resembled the chaotic organization of the palaces. 3. Using a simple sectional diagram show the sequence of spaces in a
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BTA1_Greece_2.1 - 1. Discuss the Minoan geography and...

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