Means any steam or hot air pipes embedded in any the

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Unformatted text preview: or hot air pipes, embedded in Any the foundation must be properly isolated. the Practical point of view The The foundation must be protected from machine oil by means of acid-resisting coating or suitable chemical treatment. coating Machine foundations should be taken to a Machine level lower than the level of the foundations of adjoining buildings. foundations DESIGN DATA DESIGN Loading Loading diagram showing the magnitude and positions of static and dynamic loads exerted by the machine on its foundation. the Power of engine and the operating speed. Diagram showing the embedded parts, Diagram openings, grooves for foundation bolts, etc. openings, Nature of soil and its static and dynamic Nature properties as required in design calculations. properties PERMISSIBLE AMPLITUDES PERMISSIBLE The permissible amplitudes are generally specified by the The manufacturers of machinery. The permissible amplitude of a machine foundation is governed by the relative importance of the machine and the sensitivity of neighboring structures to vibration. neighboring For foundations of sensitive equipment such as calibration For test stands and precision machines, the design criteria should be established either by the user or equipment manufacturer. For such installation in which the equipment itself is not the source of vibration, it is necessary to evaluate the ambient vibrations at the site and provide suitable isolation in order to contain the amplitudes of movement within acceptable limits. within...
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