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Unformatted text preview: ype foundations-consisting of a hollow Box-type concrete block supporting the machinery on its top. top. Wall-type foundations-consisting of a pair of Wall-type walls which support the machinery on their top. walls Framed-type foundations-consisting of vertical Framed-type columns supporting on their top a horizontal frame-work which forms the seat of essential machinery. machinery. foundations foundations BASED ON THEIR OPERATING FREQUENCY FREQUENCY Low to medium frequencies – 0 – 500 rpm Medium to high frequencies – 300 – 1000 Medium rpm rpm Very high frequencies – greater than 1000 Very rpm rpm GENERAL REQUIREMENTS OF MACHINE FOUNDATIONS MACHINE The following requirements should be satisfied from the The design point of view: design The foundation should be able to carry the The superimposed load without causing shear or crushing failure. failure. The settlements should be within the permissible limits. The combined center of gravity of machine and The foundation should as far as possible be in the same vertical lines as the center of gravity of the base plane. vertic...
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