Vertical no resonance should occur hence the natural

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Unformatted text preview: al No resonance should occur, hence the natural frequency No of foundation-soil system should be either too large or too small compared to the operating frequency of the machine. machine. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS GENERAL OF MACHINE FOUNDATIONS OF The The amplitudes under service conditions should be within the permissible limits. be All rotating and reciprocating parts of a machine All should be so well balanced as to minimize the unbalanced forces or moments. unbalanced Where possible, the foundation should be Where planned in such as manner as to permit a subsequent alteration of natural frequency by changing base area or mass of the foundation as may subsequently be found necessary. as Practical point of view Practical The The ground-water table should be as low as possible and ground-water level deeper by at least one-fourth of the width of foundation below the base plane. foundation Machine foundations should be separated Machine from adjacent building components by means of expansion joints. means Any steam...
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