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13. What brought about the “Dark Ages” in ancient Greece? The “Dark Ages” in ancient Greece extended from the 12th century BC to the middle of the 8th century BC. It is believed that the Dorians from the northern part of Greece invaded the Mycenaeans. However, the Dorians may have taken over the Mycenaeans in another way. During the Trojan War, the Mycenaeans greatly depleted their army and resources. The Dorians lived for a long time among the Mycenaeans who enslaved and ruled them, but the Dorians outnumbered the Mycenaeans. They eventually took over the Mycenaeans because the Dorians did not fight in the Trojan War. However, the Dorians could not maintain the level of civilization that the Mycenaeans had developed because they had no experience in leadership. The Greek culture went into a period of decline for several centuries. Massive dislocations of populations marked this period and mainland Greece entered what is known as the “Dark Ages”. 14. Discuss in detail the nature of the Greek polis. What did it promote? What did it require? What was its social make-up? How did it govern itself? What effect did it have on the nature of Greek settlements? What role did religion play and how did the priesthood in Greece differ from that of Egypt? The Greek polis was founded upon two general propositions to which the government and citizens subscribed. These were private ownership of land and individual freedom amongst citizens. In the polis, only free males were considered
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BTA1_Greece_2.2 - 13. What brought about the "Dark Ages" in...

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