Chapter2 - Population the entire group about which the...

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Chapter 2 Scientific Method How does psychology investigate? Uses the scientific approach We can misinterpret what we see and hear Information based o the personal experience involves judgments o Protect our ego o Protect our self-esteem Requires Four Attitudes Curiosity Critical Thinking Objectivity Skepticism Uses objective, systematic, and testable research information known as Data Four Steps Conceptualize the problem (what is the problem) o Hypothesis Collect data Analyze the data Draw conclusions
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Chapter 2 Revise conclusions and theory as necessary Hypothesis An educated guess Specific assumptions or predictions that can be tested Theory Hypothesis that is proven A set of interrelates ideas that help make predictions ands explain behavior Population and Sample
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Unformatted text preview: Population- the entire group about which the investigator wishes to draw conclusions • Sample-subgroup of the population chosen by the investigator to study Types of Research • Observation o Laboratory Drawback: subjects are aware of being studied Chapter 2 o Naturalistic • Surveys and Interviews o Drawback: subjects may give socially desired answers • Standardized Tests • Case Studies- in depth study on one person Research Challenges-Ethics and Values • Informed consent • Confidentiality • Debriefing- someone sits down and discusses results • Deception • American Psychological Association (APA) • Guidelines • Minimizing Bias Ethics of Animal Research • Necessity- to overall human life • Health • Humane Treatment...
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Chapter2 - Population the entire group about which the...

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