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PHL 301 Practice Final Exam Mandatory Portion This is too short, but, in the interest of getting on the web now: Quotations Aristotle Plato Locke Hume Kant 1. . . . although they make use of the visible forms and reason about them, they are thinking not of these, but of the ideals which they resemble; not of the figures which they draw, but of the absolute square and the absolute diameter, and so on. . . . 2. . . . we only know in things a priori that which we ourselves place in them. 3. . .. all empirical knowledge of objects would necessarily conform to such concepts, because only as thus presupposing them is anything possible as an object of experience. 4. . .. in the world of knowledge the idea of good appears last of all, and is seen only with great effort. 5. . .. there are many senses in which a thing is said to be, but all refer to one starting-point; some things are said to be because they are substances, others because they are affections of substance. ... 6. Before objects, are given to me, that is, a priori, I must presuppose in myself laws of the understanding which are expressed in concepts a priori. To these concepts, then, all the objects of experience must necessarily conform. 7. For sensation is surely not the sensation of itself, but there is something beyond the sensation, which must be prior to the sensation. . . . 8. For, if the ideas be not innate, there was a time when the mind was without
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finalpracticeexam - PHL 301 Practice Final Exam Mandatory...

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