Complete the definition of the constructor of the

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Unformatted text preview: Empty 4 [ CSE116 – MIDTERM EXAM, VERSION 2] SPRING 2010 Question 4 [10 marks] Define a visitor, named UnionVisitor, for an LRStruct<Set>, so that it computes the union of all the items in the LRStruct. When executed on an empty LRStruct, the result must be an empty set. You may assume that there is a class Set whose no ­argument constructor produces an empty set, and that the method public Set union(Set s) produces the union of ‘this’ and s. For example, if set1 and set2 are Set objects, then the value of set1.union(set2) is a new Set object representing the union of the set1 and set2. Define be visitor below: package lrstruct.visitors; import lrstruct.LRStruct; import lrstruct.LRStruct.IAlgo;...
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