fossil fuels - Ian Tierson 4/9/2008 Dr. Karim Physics in...

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Ian Tierson 5/12/2009 Dr. Karim Physics in Modern Technology Fossil Fuels In today’s market, the most valuable consumable resource is Oil. As a controller of worldwide markets, oil is a modern power possession. Those who control oil distribution have incredible power over world affairs on an international level. It is a limited resource, and as such, if we run out we will have huge problems. It is one of the top sources of energy, and we utilize it in many forms every day. From cars to electricity, oil gives us things that have become necessary to survival in today’s society. Coal is another staple to the energy community in today’s market as well. Coal is still used for a large portion of energy in countries like China. Along with these is natural gas, commonly used for heating homes and cooking food. All produce energy through combustion. According to the Abiogenic Petroleum Origin hypothesis, oil is formed in deep carbon deposits possibly due to the deposit of sediment into the tectonic plates. It says that petroleum may originate from fluids that filter out of the mantle into the ground, and that there may be a great deal more
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than is commonly thought. This fluid is drilled and pumped out of the ground and
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fossil fuels - Ian Tierson 4/9/2008 Dr. Karim Physics in...

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