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optical communications - Ian Tierson Dr. Karim 4/9/2008...

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Ian Tierson 5/12/2009 Dr. Karim Physics Through Modern Technology The communications aspect of modern society has recently been turned upside down through the development of fiber optic technology. This new development on the interpersonal communications front is taking the world by storm. Not only can it do everything that traditional copper wire can, it does it better. It has higher capacity for simultaneous transmission and can transmit farther distances with less power. Fiber optic technology harnesses the power of light and combines it with the abilities of glass. Simply put, light goes through the glass and is used to transmit data. However, this glass is not your everyday window glass. It is made using very specific methods to reduce the two main impurities that cause lesser transmission. These two impurities are water and iron, and are avoided by preparing and making the glass in an environment consisting of inert gas. The procedure for creating fiber optic glass is called drawing glass. An image of the process is displayed above. Before the glass can be drawn like this however, the chemicals must be prepared in the preform. The perform consists of a tube, usually quartz, into which silicon and several other chemicals are fed, including germanium, the tube is part of a lathe that turns and has a torch to heat it evenly. The torch moves up and
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Tierson - 2 - down the tube to prevent inconsistency. Here the chemicals fuse to each other, forming the pure glass. After the glass has been formed, it is dripped over a long distance to
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optical communications - Ian Tierson Dr. Karim 4/9/2008...

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