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Ian Tierson Chapter 1: Question 2: A) Some students stay up later than others stay up and therefore avoid morning classes. B) I would get a sample of 100 students asking what time they usually go to bed on a school night, and what time their classes start at. Chapter 3: Question 2: A) Hunger could be measure using self-report through a questionnaire asking subjects to evaluate their hunger on a scale of 1 to 10 B) Hunger could be measured based on behavior by observing the amout of food a subject consumes in a meal. Question 3: A) Yes it could be a valid measure, because time spent on classwork is a good indicator of motivation to perform well in class.
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Unformatted text preview: no, it is not a reliable measure because different students might find the work to have varying amounts of difficulty. Chapter 4: Question 6: IRB stands for Institutional Review Board, and its purpose is to protect Human participants from studies that are potentially harmful. Question 9: Informed Consent must include information such as a description of the procedures, information about risks and inconveniences, benefits, costs, confidentiality, alternative treatments, and a statement that they are voluntary participation. Question 10: Debriefing is used to counteract or minimize harmful effects....
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