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GIS4043C - Prin Geographic Infor Systems

4 how are input data tools and output data

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Unformatted text preview: ow. 4. How are Input data, Tools, and Output data represented in a model? (6) Input data is shown as blue ovals, Tools are represented as yellow rectangles, and output data is seen as green ovals. 5. Where are models stored? (3) Models are stored within a ToolBox 6. When building a model, how do you connect processes? (3) Processes are connected with the Add Connection tool 7. T/F: Writing an SQL query to select harvestable stands and making a selection layer from them creates a new data set. (2) False Item Questions File Management G:\SemesterTempDrive\awu1\GIS4043C\Lab 10 Possible Points Total 25 5 /30...
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