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Homework # 11 - PSYC 200 – Dr. Rager Name_Ian Tierson ____________________ Due Tues. 3/13/07 - Bring 2 typed copies to class! Bring two copies of a draft of Mini-paper 2 for peer review. Additionally, answer the following questions related to Chs. 8 & 9 using the information provided below: Pretend that you are going to conduct an experiment to test whether caffeine improves video game performance. Specifically, you have 20 participants who have volunteered for your study, and you plan to compare their scores on a particular video game after you’ve had them drink either one 12-oz can of caffeinated soda or one 12-oz can of decaffeinated soda. 1. Briefly explain how you would conduct this study using a between-subjects design. Two groups would be randomly assigned, one would receive treatment, one would receive the decaffeinated soda. Both would be subjected to the same video game testing, and results would be recorded. 2.
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