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Homework # 13 - PSYC 200 – Dr. Rager Name Ian Tierson ____________ Due Tues. 3/20/07 - Bring 2 typed copies to class! In your own words and as briefly as possible , answer the following questions about the Santos et al. (1994) article: 1. For each of the two studies that were described in the article, what was the research question or hypothesis that was being investigated? If there was more than one question or hypothesis, describe the most important questions or hypotheses. In the first experiment, the hypothesis is that using the pique technique will disrupt the refusal script and result in a passerby giving the panhandler money. The second study asked the question “why does the pique technique work?” 2. What types of research designs did the researchers use to test their hypotheses in each of the two studies? Be sure to indicate whether each study was a (an): a. Experimental or non-experimental design b. Conducted in a laboratory or field setting c. One-way or factorial design (if factorial, be sure to label the design)
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