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hw1 - Ian Tierson HW 1 1"Learning is an enduring change in...

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Ian Tierson HW 1 1) “Learning is an enduring change in the mechanisms of behavior involving specific stimuli and/or responses that results from prior experience with those or similar stimuli and responses” (Domjan, 2006: 14). It is important to distinguish between performance and learning because performance does not necessarily endure. 2) Rene Descartes was a philosopher who pioneered the idea of mind/body dualism. Nativism is the concept that humans are born with ideas. Empiricism attributes all ideas come from experience. Hedonism was described by Hobbes as the pursuit of pleasure/ avoidance of displeasure cause all action in an organism. 3) The British Empiricists believed that the mind worked on reflex, and that it would always respond similarly to the same situation. Descartes thought that the mind was unpredictable. 4) The general process approach follows the concept that there is a single approach to learning that is definitive. Similar to formulas in physics or chemistry. They are a set of universal rules for learning.
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