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Ian Tierson Pavlovian conditioning: Read Chapter 3 10) My cats always run to the kitchen when they hear their food being poured into their bowls. The other night, while preparing dinner, I noticed that my cats ran to the kitchen when I poured rice into a measuring cup. The next morning I poured cereal into a bowl and they ran to the kitchen. For lunch, I fixed pasta. When I shook the pasta box, the cats arrived. Use the information in chapter 3 to explain the behavior of my cats. What have they learned? What type of learning is this? The cats have been conditioned to the sound of food. They have generalized this sound to the pasta, cereal, and rice. 11) What is the CER technique? Identify the CS, US, UR, CR CER stands for conditioned emotional response. CER involves suppression of a positively reinforced behavior caused by the presentation of an aversive stimulus.
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Unformatted text preview: The CS is the reward of a previously conditioned behavior, the US is the shock, the CR is the previous behavior, the UR is the extinction of that behavior, or at least the suppression of it. 12) What is sign tracking? Identify the CS, US, UR, CR Also known as autoshaping, sign tracking refers to movement toward a stimulus that represents the onset of a positive reinforcer. The CS is the stimulus that heralds reinforcement, the US is the reinforcer, the CR is the movement toward the CS, and the UR is the eating of the food. 13) What is taste aversion learning (TAL)? Identify the CS, US, UR, CR Taste aversion learning involves a new flavor being followed by illness or other internal aversive consequences. The CS is taste, the US is an illness causing agent, the CR is avoidance of the taste later, the UR is the illness caused....
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