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Unformatted text preview: T in Ting Anh K Thut Xy Dng--------------------------------------------------------- Abrahams cones : Khun hnh chp ct o st b tng Accelerator, Earlystrength admixture : Ph gia tng nhanh ha cng b tng Anchorage length : Chiu di on neo gi ca ct thp Arrangement of longitudinales renforcement cut-out: B tr cc im ct t ct thp dc ca dm Arrangement of reinforcement : B tr ct thp Bag : Bao ti ( dng h b tng) Beam of constant depth : Dm c chiu cao khng i Bedding : Mng cng Bonded tendon : Ct thp d ng lc c dnh bm vi b tng Bursting concrete stress : ng sut v tung ca b tng Cable disposition : B tr ct thp d ng lc Cast in many stage phrases : b tng theo nhiu giai on Cast in place : c b tng ti ch Cast in situ place concrete : B tng c ti ch Cast in situ structure (slab, beam, column): Kt cu c b tng ti ch (dm, bn, ct) Cast,(casting) : b tng (s b tng) Casting schedule : Thi gian biu ca vic b tng Cast-in-place concrete caisson : Ging chm b tng c ti ch Cast-in-place concrete pile : Cc c b tng ti ch Cast-in-place, posttensioned bridge : Cu d ng lc ko sau c b tng ti ch Cast-in-situ flat place slab : Bn mt cu c b tng ti ch Checking concrete quality : Kim tra cht lng b tng Composite steel and concrete structure: Kt cu lin hp thp b tng ct thp Compremed concrete zone : Vng b tng chu nn Concrete age at prestressing time : Tui ca b tng lc to d ng lc Concrete composition : Thnh phn b tng Concrete cover : B tng bo h (bn ngoi ct thp) Concrete hinge : Cht b tng Concrete proportioning : Cng thc pha trn b tng Concrete stress at tendon level : ng sut b tng th t cp d ng lc Concrete surface treatement : X l b mt b tng Concrete test hammer : Sng bt ny th cng b tng Concrete thermal treatement : X l nhit cho b tng Concrete unit weight, density of concrete: Trng lng ring b tng Concrete : B tng Concrete-filled pipe pile : Cc ng thp nhi b tng lp lng Condition of curing : iu kin dng h b tng Cover plate: Bn thp ph ( phn bn cnh dm thp ) Cover-meter, Rebar locator : My o lp b tng bo h ct thp 1 *****ed concrete section : Mt ct b tng b nt Crushing machine : My nn mu th b tng Cure to cure, curing : Dng h b tng mi xong Curing temperature : Nhit dng h b tng Curing : Bo dng b tng trong lc ha cng...
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