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Ian Tierson 16) Classical conditioning may play an important role in interpersonal attraction. Using what you know about Pavlovain conditioning, explain how. If the unconditioned stimulus, passion or excitement, is coupled with the conditioned stimulus, an attractive person, then that attractive person will illicit a UR & CR of love or desire. 17) For many years, ranchers have attempted to solve the problem of sheep predation by shooting, trapping, and poisoning coyotes. These approaches have obvious drawbacks. How may a rancher use Pavlovian conditioning to eliminate/reduce sheep predation by coyotes? Taste aversion would seem to be a great solution to this problem, however it would require the sacrifice of a sheep or two. Simply put, if eating the sheep makes the wolves sick, they won’t eat sheep. 18) How can you increase the likelihood that your child will share your devotion to jazz music? Listen to jazz music with your child, and reward them for listening with you.
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